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IBM ThinkPad T60 MotherBoard

Code: f0043

₹9000 ₹1800

Core to Duo 4300

Code: f0044

₹4000 ₹4000

Core to Duo 6300

Code: f0045

₹4300 ₹4300

DELL E6400 Display Cable

Code: f0046

₹1200 ₹1200

DELL E6410 Display Cable

Code: f0047

₹1500 ₹1500

IBM ThinkPad T41/T42/T43 Display Cable

Code: f0048

₹1500 ₹1500

IBM ThinkPad T60 Display Cable

Code: f0049

₹1500 ₹1500

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T41 / T42 / T43 CPU Fan

Code: f0050

₹1200 ₹1200

Lenovo T60 Heatsink & Fan

Code: f0051

₹1500 ₹1500

IBM ThinkPad T42 TouchPad

Code: f0052

₹950 ₹950

IBM ThinkPad T60 / T61 TouchPad

Code: f0053

₹1000 ₹1000

IBM ThinkPad T42 / T43 / T43P LCD Screen

Code: f0054

₹5000 ₹4500

IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T41 Keypad

Code: f0055

₹1650 ₹1500

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T42 Keyboard

Code: f0056

₹1650 ₹1500

Dell E6400 Keyboard

Code: f0057

₹1550 ₹1400

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